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Miss Placemat offers affordable and effective placemat advertising.

We have earned our reputation as the leader in the placemat services industry by providing our customers with affordable, effective honest and hassle-free place mat advertising for the past 27 years.


Please submit artwork in high resolution print production quality of 300 dpi or greater, or let us know and we can design something for you which is included in the price. Submissions shall be assumed by the publisher to be authorized and compliant with copyright laws.

For Advertisers

We ship 15,000 beautiful full color placemats to a restaurant per shipment.

Our pricing options for an advertisement are as follows:

Single Space Ad – 2.25" by 2.5"


Double Space Ad – 4.5" by 2.5"


4 Space Ad – 4.5" by 5"


We work on an issue of place mats for a restaurant when their current supply is low and the shipment of mats goes to one restaurant at a time.

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For Restaurants

We take care of all the ad sales and do the printing on site and will deliver them to your door.
We deliver 15,000 beautiful, full color place mats at absolutely no cost to you and will renew them when your supply runs low.

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